About Us!

We are a group of health enthusiasts that believe in applying the ancient wisdom of natural sciences that has been passed down from generation after generation and adapt the same to suit the modern living, to bring a fine balance between old and new.

With this vision of a healthy us, healthy India, we bring to you, health with taste, all sourced, packaged and marketed keeping your health in mind. We have personally visited and stayed at source to sample and understand the processes and benefits of each product that we bring to you. Several months of research has gone into bringing you the best and healthiest items that nature can produce. Nature is healing and so are these beautiful, authentic, natural items that we have handpicked for you.

This adventure to source the best quality foods for ourselves, led to us wanting to share these jewels of India with others and thus, Love of India was born. We put in lot of time and effort to first use each and every product we bring you and then after several months of trials and wins, we decided on what was the best of the best and we have brought it all together for you to order at a click of a button…

Goodness of Nature, at your doorstep…

Healthily yours,

Love of India