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Organically Grown Mace (Javitri) Full Flower | Kerala (Idduki) -10gm | Premium Export Quality and Natural Flavor

Organically Grown Mace (Javitri) Full Flower | Kerala (Idduki) -10gm | Premium Export Quality and Natural Flavor

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Product Description

Mace is a milder and sweeter spice with a hint of citrus, cinnamon, black pepper, and pine. It's more delicate than nutmeg and commonly used to flavor soups, stews, baked goods, pickles, rice dishes, and traditional milk-based desserts. When using mace in Indian cooking, it's best to add it early on in the cooking process so that the flavor has time to develop. It can keep the digestive system healthy and is also good for dental health.

Making Process

We at Love of India believe in supporting our farmers and bridging the gap between villages and urban cities. We are sourcing the spices from the land of 100% Authentic and Pure Spices Kerala (Idduki).

In the processing of mace, the red coloured aril is removed from the nutmeg that it envelops and is flattened out and dried for 10 to 14 days under shade; its colour changes to pale yellow, orange, or tan


Mace spice can keep your digestive system healthy, encourage appetite, boost blood circulation, and even help relieve stress. Additionally, mace spice can treat cold and cough symptoms, and reduce inflammation and perfect for aroma and fragrance in Indian dishes.

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