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Saunf Honey (Fennel Raw Honey, Raw, Unfiltered, Unprocessed & Non-Pasteurised)

Saunf Honey (Fennel Raw Honey, Raw, Unfiltered, Unprocessed & Non-Pasteurised)

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Made by our honeybees from Saunf (Fennel) flowers' nectar, it's a pure labor of nature's love.

Product Description

Introducing Love of India's Saunf Honey(Fennel Raw Honey) - a unique and delightful creation by our honeybees, lovingly collected from the nectar of Fennel flowers. ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒผ

๐ŸŒฟ The Fennel(Saunf) plant's proximity to other plants makes obtaining pure fennel honey a labor of love. But with great efforts, we bring you the essence of nature's bounty in every jar.

๐ŸŒŸ Natural and pure, our Saunf Honey(Fennel Honey) preserves all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Fennel seeds, making it a wholesome addition to your daily routine.

๐ŸฏCharacterized by a golden to reddish color and emanating a pleasant fragrance, our Saunf Honey(Fennel Honey) promises an energizing, fresh taste and aroma that will leave you craving for more.

Savor the goodness of Love of India's Saunf Honey and embrace the rich essence of this nectar in every spoonful.๐Ÿฅฃ

100% purity Guaranteed: Our honey is 100% pure, natural, and unpasteurized. It's straight from the hive and contains no added preservatives, artificial colors, or sugar.

Making Process

From Bees:
Our Forest Honey is created when bees collect flower nectar and store it in a honeycomb. The nectar is broken down into simple sugars and the honeycomb helps with evaporation, creating a liquid form of honey. The color and flavor of honey vary depending on the type of nectar collected by the bees. For example, orange blossom nectar creates light-colored honey, whereas avocado or wildflower nectar creates dark amber-colored honey.

To Hive:
Our Beekeepers in the forest harvests honey by collecting the frames with honeycomb and scraping off the wax cap that seals off each cell of honey. Once the caps are removed, the frames are placed in an extractor which is a centrifuge that spins the frames and forces honey out of the comb.

To Home:
After the honey is extracted, it's strained to remove any remaining wax and other particles. We do not heat the honey to make this process easier but keep the liquid's natural composition.

After straining, it's time to bottle, label, and bring it to you. We use a container made of glass to maintain the purity of our honey. We don't add any additives to the Honey. You receive the Honey from bee to hive to bottle - meaning what you're getting is the same quality product that was just harvested.


Saunf Honey is a great replacement for Sugar as a natural sweetener in tea, coffee, breakfast cereals, etc.

Saunf Honey has many benefits that include weight management, better digestion, more energy, smooth and glowing skin, and alleviating cold and cough symptoms.

Saunf Honey can help to boost your body's natural defense system, which is important for maintaining optimum health. Honey can also help to soothe coughs and throat infections.

Natural and pure, our Fennel Honey preserves all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits associated with Fennel seeds, making it a wholesome addition to your daily routine.

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